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20+ Hidden Google Games You Need to Play (2021)

A peak of creativity and ingenuity has been achieved by the world-renowned software developer, Google. You might have noticed how, on several occasions like anniversaries, national holidays and some world-renowned […]

5 Ways to Insert a Square Root Symbol in Word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing software available in the technology market for a multitude of platforms. The software, developed and maintained by Microsoft offers various […]

6 Ways to Play YouTube in the background

The name YouTube hardly requires any introduction. It is the most premium video streaming platform in the world. There is hardly any topic in the world for which you won’t […]

6 Ways to Remove Duplicates In Google Sheets

A Spreadsheet is nothing but a document that arranges data in the form of rows and columns. Spreadsheets are used by almost every business organization to maintain its data records […]

8 Best Webcam for Streaming in India (2021)

Are you a Gamer or YouTuber who wants to stream live for their audiences? But it’s difficult to stream with your device in-built cam? Don’t worry, we are here to […]